Common Questions

Out of stock items?
Please refer to the Stock Updates post in the group announcements or click here →

Do you stock ...??
All stock is available on our website and we work hard to maintain it and keep it as up to date as possible.
If you are on the hunt for something feel free to search our website.
If you see an item that is out of stock, it'll be restocked soon.
If you don't see an item, this means we don't currently carry it.

How do I login to my Online Course?
You click here my dear ↓
My online courses are hosted on a different website to my yarn store 

I'm in town now, getting my groceries, can I call past the shop and grab my order?
NO!! Sorry but this is the most common thing that I've been sent in the last few weeks.
If your order has been packed, you will have received a notification saying it's ready for pick up.
This means it's now with me, safe and dry, at my house, in the collection box.
When you are in town, feel free to call past and grab it.

If you haven't received a notification, your order hasn't been packed yet, I'll be onto it soon.

Can I return or swap purchases?
No sorry, especially not in COVID-19.

Last updated: 28/4/2020

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