About Kerryn

Hey!! I'm Kerryn, your slowcraft ambassador & designer here at Needle & Hook.

In 2010 I had my first baby, Regan.

She was such an amazing little baby, a pleasure really, that I found myself BORED!!

My Mum had given me a pair of amazing New Zealand sheepskin slippers and after being home for a few months feeding a new bubba I quickly wore them out.

After shitting a small brick at the price, I looked a little closer at them and discovered that the bit that was ruined was crochet. After double checking with Mum, I headed to YouTube for some help.

After a few days of struggling, I eventually got them fixed.

And then I fixed Mum's and my Aunty's .. phew!!

I then made Regan a few hats and got some requests from friends.

Then after some requests from friends of friends I decided to make a Facebook page to "see how it went". 

Well, it went!!

So in 2010, Crochet Birdie was born. 

You can read more about my story here

A decade down the track and I've never looked back. 

After launching my first pattern and starting to teach people to crochet in 2016, my house was slowly starting to contain more yarn than was socially acceptable.

So in December 2017, I opened Needle & Hook.

Follow that journey here.

To me, the name embraces all things slowcraft, not just crochet. 

I truly believe that slowcraft has superpowers.
The power to slow us down in a supercharged world.
The power to make someone's day when you give them a handcrafted gift.
The power to start a conversation between strangers.

I'm super passionate about inspiring those looking to start or continue their slowcraft journey.

I proudly source stunning natural fibre yarns, the finest tools & beautiful patterns.

I love sharing my passion with online courses and workshops.

If you love what I'm all about, feel free to show me the love by giving me a follow on Instagram, a like on Facebook or sign up to our mailing list.

xx Kerryn


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