Needle & Hook

Our Mission

Our mission at Needle & Hook, is to inspire slowcraft with our beautifully curated store.

In store you'll find stunning natural fibre yarns,
the finest tools, beautiful patterns and online, self-paced courses.

We LOVE slowcraft!
We truly believe it has superpowers.
The power to slow us down in a supercharged world.
The power to make someone's day when you give them a handcrafted gift.
The power to start a conversation between strangers.


I’m a lefty & Kerryn sat down with me at one of her beginner workshops & taught me left handed even though she's a righty.

She's amazing!

I’ve always wanted to crochet & in workshop I was well on my way.
I would definitely recommend her workshops to any beginner. 
Thanks Kerryn!
I can tick ‘learn to crochet’ off the bucket list.


Awesome workshops that are fun & easy to follow. Kerryn is super helpful & amazing at her craft.


So much love and dedication put into your work. Truly talented. Love the Crochet Birdie gear that I have.


Totally recommend this course.

would never have managed without it and have made quite a few pairs.

Everyone loves them.

Helen // Darby Boots Online Course

Your online course was just great!!

Especially you telling us to stop being so hard on ourselves - that was fab and so encouraging!

Nic // Vintage Crochet Cloths Online Course