Need help??

“Can I ask you a quick question?”

This lovely little question pops up in-store & in my DM’s a lot!

And while I’d love to be able to reply to every single last one of these lovely little messages I simply can't. 

Between creating patterns, filming online courses, getting groceries, working in our beautiful store, watching Netflix & trying to manage my own screen time habits there just isn’t enough time in the day!

So this blog serves to answer a few questions for you. 


Our Hours

We're open Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm.

We are advocates of going slow and love to give you as much time as possible so please allow plenty of time to come in a gather your beautiful supplies.  

We are also happy to open by arrangement outside of these hours. 

Flick me a message to discuss your plans.

I can’t access my online course.

My online courses are on a separate website to our yarn store so this is a common problem.

So here’s the links you need.

Online Course Login:

Our main website:

Do you run classes?

Kind of. I have a great range of online courses.

These are pre-recorded by me and you can use them over and over again.

Browse the collection here.

And we also have the option of One on One Guidance.

Do you sell kits?

We have a range of beginner kits, every beginner kit includes the online course.

These are perfect if you are just getting started.

For the more advanced slowcrafter we share loads of project inspiration over in our slowcraft community.

Here's some of our recent projects we shared recently.


When we share these posts you get a link to message me and I'll help gather all your supplies & send you an online order, taking all the thinking out of it for you.

Could you help me get started? 

Sure!! We offer One on One Guidance

Things you might need help with:

  • Getting some personal help to supplement your online course
  • Casting on your first ever jumper
  • Having someone check if your on the right track
  • Help understanding a pattern (ideally purchased from Needle & Hook)

This is perfect for all levels.

We also have our Free Beginner Slowcraft Course.

This is an great place to start your slowcraft journey.

Click here to get access.

Do you have a knitting group?

We did, before Covid!

And we hope to open this back up again once everything settles down. 

This is offered exclusively to our slowcraft community so be sure to join that if you'd like more information on these.



Hopefully, you’ve found the answer to your question here, if not please message me and I’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

xx Birdie

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Lots of questions answered in one swoop, all really understandable thanks


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