The dream is coming to life!

Today I finished my "job". 

I work in admin and while it pays the bills it doesn't set the heart on fire!

Crochet on the other hand is the match that starts that fire. It keeps my mind WAY to busy, my hands active and my heart warm.

I'm am super stoked to have the opportunity to live my dream. 

I am backed by an awesome team of people that, without them, this is no where near possible.

The Awards Go To

My husband, who is only just coming round to the idea that this crochet thing could be legit, never to fussed about letting me get out of the house to host workshops and has only whined a few times at the amount of suitcases I posses and the amount of wool that entails.

My kids, who some of you know and I'm sure some of you will meet when you come in to the shop, these cool little cats are always happy to help or are equally happy to be pawned off with Dad or Nan while their Mum is a hooker. Little Miss 7 is all over this shop business.

My Mum, her unwavering support is epic, from helping my lovely beginners at workshops to picking up the kids from school, cleaning, feeding them and generally being an all round stellar human.

My Dad, while he really has no idea what the hell I'm up to most of the time, he is always happy to listen (or at least look in my direction while I'm talking). For his help over the next few weeks helping me and said husband with my shop set up.

I need to stop .. tears are never far when I talk about these crazy people.

And of course to my lovely hookers whose appetite for beautiful yarn continues to blow my mind, promise I wont tell your husbands how much you've bought.

The Shop

Located at 63 Main Street, Gore 


Needle & Hook will be a store focusing on New Zealand made natural fiber yarns, a retreat to escape the mundane, a slow craft creative hub and my design headquarters.

You'll be able to hang out searching for a pattern or some inspiration, in print or online, we'll then get you matched with the perfect yarn & tools. You could even stay a while and get your project started.

To me, the name embraces all things slowcraft, not just crochet. 

I'm off for a family break for a week or so and will have updates on the store when I'm back.

Until then, thanks for the love and I look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

x birdie

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