Free Pattern: Simple Squares Knit Blanket

For ages, I’ve wanted to create a knit version of my simple squares blanket then when a lovely customer of mine ordered a bespoke blanket and gave me full creative freedom I knew what I was going to do.

The brief was a small baby blanket featuring a deep red wine colour plus anything else I thought looked good.

Come to Mumma!!

Image by: Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Having a quick glance along the wall in my store, I spotted Prune in DMC XL Cotton.

I sent her the combination of Prune, her red wine; Mauve, a stunning dusky pink; Prairie, a beautiful green; and Ecru, the palette cleansing cream.

And her reply ... "Love it!".

After a month of lovely simple stitching, here’s the result.

A gloriously soft, supple and uber squishy blanket, perfect for a new bubba.

The texture of Garter Stitch always gets me. It's kinda mesmerising!

This is a great pattern for beginners wishing to advance their slowcraft journey as it's worked entirely in garter stitch, meaning it is all knit.

When you get onto the square sections where you use multiple colours, you’ll be running all colours at the same time.

Sometimes I got in a bit of a tangle, but I found the best way to avoid a crazy mess was to turn the blanket back and forth instead of turning it around and around. When you finish a section, you’ll cut your yarn and be able to untangle the strands.

You’ll need:
DMC XL Cotton
                3x Prune
                1x Mauve
                1x Prairie
                1x Ecru
8mm Needles
100cm Cord (if using circular)
Large darning needle

10sts & 16 rows = 10cm

Approx 70cm wide x 80cm long

Colour Chart

The Pattern
Using Prune, cast on 70 stitches

Knit 8 rows - this makes up the bottom border

Row 1:
Knit 5 in Prune
Knit 15 in Prairie
Knit 15 in Mauve
Knit 15 in Prune (start the 2nd ball)
Knit 15 in Ecru
Knit 5 in Prune (start the 3rd ball)

When you move to the next colour square, drop your current working yarn, twist the next colour around it and carry on. This will connect your squares together vertically.

Row 2:
Knit 5 in Prune
Knit 15 in Ecru
Knit 15 in Prune
Knit 15 in Mauve
Knit 15 in Prairie
Knit 5 in Prune

Repeat rows 1 & 2 for 26 more rows – 28 rows in total.

Repeat rows 1 & 2, 3 more times, as per the colour chart.

Rows 121 – 128: Knit 8 rows in Prune - this makes up the top border

Cast off.

Sew in all ends, making sure you tie tight knots at the colour changes.

Sit back and admire your amazing work!


And because you know I love to play with colour, here are some other options.

From top to bottom: Terracotta, Sable, Ecru & Curry

From top to bottom: Cedre, Ecru, Fjord & Wasabi

Have a play, get your coloured pencils out and use this chart to plot out your next project.

xx Birdie

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