How I stay on top of my social media

I often get asked “your social media is amazing, how do you stay on top of it all?”.

One word.


Despite what they might say, scheduled posts still get seen!

I am by no means an social media expert but I do know that there is one key factor, and that is to be CONSISTENT.

Sorry about the shouting but it needed to be heard.

It can be a little overwhelming keeping up with all the new trends and apps but if you want your business to grow, pick a couple of platforms that align with your brand.

For my brand, Needle & Hook and my target customers, I choose Instagram and Facebook.

I have two focusses for each platform.

  • I use Instagram to inspire and engage.
  • I use Facebook to educate and build community.

Now with that in mind here’s what I do to schedule my social media. 

The Plan

Every second Monday, I batchwork the next fortnight’s posts. (More on batchworking here).

At the moment I post every weekday.

This means that I’m able to disconnect from work over the weekends because I’m not having to reply to comments and messages from posts.

First, I plan out my Instagram feed, because a beautiful feed will encourage your audience to follow your journey, much like our beautiful store encourages people to come in.

For this I use Planoly.

I upload 10 images for the coming fortnight. 

If I have any launches or blogs planned I’ll make sure that there is an image that aligns with that, otherwise all other images are simply picked for engagement, making sure they align with my brand.

Now for the captions.

This is where the magic happens. 

Captions are where you can express your own personality, show your expertise, your passion and your love for what you do. 


This is where all the converting happens. 

Turning scrollers into followers, followers into customers & customers into brand ambassadors.

I batchwork to create all my captions at the same time because once you get on a roll, you’ll have them all done in no time.

For this I have a simple Google Doc.

I take a screenshot of my images all lined up in Planoly, then I start typing. 

This document is also really handy to copy old captions that I liked, yup, I repurpose ALL THE TIME.

Speaking of repurposing, don’t be afraid to use what you’ve already worked so hard on.

You can repurpose things like:

Product details

Paragraphs from blog posts

Paragraphs from emails

And just because you posted something once doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to post about it again. 

Think about how often the same news bulletin is on throughout the day but you may only catch it once or not at all.

Spread that knowledge and passion of yours round like confetti.

As you are making your captions make sure it contains these vital parts.

  1. Substance - so that people stay on the post and read all of your caption
  2. Call to Action - what do you want people to do.
    1. Save this post for later
    2. Head here to find out more (include link)
    3. Comment below if you agree
  3. Hashtags - do your research and add 5 or more hashtags to help you be seen (you can also save these in Planoly)

So now that you have your captions, all you need to do is copy & paste it into Planoly or whatever scheduler you are using (Facebook Business Suite is FREE and pretty awesome).

Then set the time you’d like to post it.
If you're not sure when, check out the insights in your platform.

And that’s it.

A fortnight worth of posts done.

Then I share stories or reels most days.

Things I post to stories:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Me at home
  • Sneak peek’s

Things I post to my reels:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Product videos
  • Shop walk throughs

Remember that social media is an amazing FREE tool that you need to get amongst.

If you post consistently and engage with your followers by replying to their messages and comments then you’ll soon see progress.

And remember millions of followers do not equal millions of dollars.

I successfully run a six figure business with only a couple of thousand followers.

Quality over quantity is key.

I might use that last sentence in a caption about this blog post.

x Birdie

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