Collection: Heather Weir

Small batch, hand-dyed yarns from her home studio in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Everything, from sourcing the yarn to shipping,
is done with love and care by hand.
The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that no two skeins are exactly the same.

Heather sources finest quality, fully traceable and sustainably farmed yarns from New Zealand and abroad.
The dyes she uses are made in Australia and New Zealand. 
They are acid dyes, used for dyeing protein-based fibre
(such as wool and silk).

Every care is taken to use only the quantities necessary to create her colourways. This means that the dyepot is fully exhausted when the dyeing is complete  - the water is clear,
so Heather can reuse the same water for the next batch.

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