About Birdie

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I'm Birdie,
I'm a Mumma, a maker and the curator of our beautiful store!

My Journey

In 2010 I had my first baby, Regan.
She was such an amazing little baby, a pleasure to have really, that I found myself BORED!!

My Mum had given me a pair of amazing New Zealand sheepskin slippers and after being home for a few months feeding a new bubba I quickly wore them out.
After shitting a small brick at the price, I looked a little closer at them and discovered that the bit that was ruined was crochet. After double checking with Mum, I headed to YouTube for some help.

After a few days of struggling, I eventually got them fixed. And then I fixed Mum's and my Aunty's .. phew!!

I then made my daughter a few hats and after some requests from friends and friends of theirs I decided to make a Facebook page to
"see how it went".

Well it went!!

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Product image

In 2010
Crochet Birdie was born!

I have created hundreds of beautiful pieces over the years and I'm still humbled to see my items being worn.

After a while I got loads of requests for patterns. 

And so after some serious concentration and loads of mistakes, I launched my first pattern, the Simple Stripes Blanket in 2016. 

This was a big success and what followed was the chance to teach other slowcraft lovers my treasured art.

I hosted workshops in cafes, bars and at my house.

This prompted me to source yarn for my workshop attendees and when the amount of yarn in my house became a little crazy, I decided to quit my job and open a yarn store.
Enter Needle & Hook.

In December 2017,
I opened Needle & Hook.

To me, the name embraces all things slowcraft, not just crochet.

I truly believe that slowcraft has superpowers.
The power to slow us down in a supercharged world.
The power to make someone's day when you give them a handcrafted gift.
The power to start a conversation between strangers.

I'm super passionate about inspiring those looking to start or continue their slowcraft journey.

I proudly source stunning natural fibre yarns, the finest tools & beautiful patterns.

I love sharing my passion with online courses and workshops.

I love meeting like minded slowcrafters. You can find me hanging out at Needle & Hook, most days or I'd love to hang out with you virtually.

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