Why I love working with circular needles

If you've been in-store or chatted with me directly chances are my passion for circular needles have rubbed off on you.

I LOVE them.

And my favourites are Lykke Interchangeable needles.

Interchangeables are circular knitting needles with a trick up their sleeve.

Their trick, the needle tips can interchange with different cord lengths.

So instead of needing loads of circular sets with different tip thicknesses and lengths, you can have one interchangeable set where the different tips all screw onto different lengths.

You can see me setting up my needles for my Charlie Jacket Online Course here

Then when you need to change your tips, for the band of a sweater, you simply unscrew the current tips and screw on the smaller size. 

There seems to be a fear around circular needles.

As soon as I mention “circulars” your face screws up, you grimace while you wait for me to tell you that they are used for seriously hard patterns. Patterns that contain lengthy, hard to read instructions with cables, lacework or anything else you can only vaguely remember your seriously talented Nana creating.

A, you don’t have the time to make it

B, you don’t have the time to delicately wash it, and

C, your Nana was so amazing at knitting, there’s no bloody way you could attempt something like that

And my response to that would be, hell yes you could. Yes your Nana was amazing but the only thing she’s had is time. Give anything time and you’ll master

Aaaand, lucky for you, I am not a fan of super intricate patterns. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the finished items but that’s just not what I enjoy creating.

And the awesome thing is circular needles are not just for those intricate patterns.

They’re for ALL knitting patterns.

No matter if I knit something in rows or in rounds, I always work with my ‘bendy needles’.

From blankets,

To cardigans

Even our cute little knitted samples we have in store.

If you are an experienced knitter having only used long needles, they may take you a little while to get used to. But stick with it because there are so many benefits.

Better for your posture. You no longer have to tuck your needle (or needles) under your armpit. This can take a wee while to feel comfortable but your shoulders are now in a more relaxed position.

Better for your wrists. Your work now rests on the flexible cable meaning your wrists don't have to hold it up. And when you’re working larger projects the longer lord lets the heavy work sit on your lap.

No more double point needles. With the Magic Loop method, you can retire (or donate) your double point needles and work sleeves, socks, hats or any other project worked in a small round with your interchangeable needles. You can watch me working the Magic Loop method on my Charlie Jacket Online Course here.

Knitting on the move is so much easier. Because you now have bendy needles, you can now wrap them up and pop them in your bag. I take my current project EVERYWHERE. This way, if I’m blessed with a little moment for slowcraft, I have it with me. No more long knitting needles sticking out of your bag. 

Less chance of your work falling off your needles. A small child enters the room, spots a funny-looking stick, glistening in a bag beside the couch. The child pulls the stick out to investigate. DISASTER!!! If you had circular (or interchangeable) needles, first the needle wouldn’t be sticking out of your bag but the chances of your work falling off are so much smaller.

You can view the whole Lykke range here.

We are so proud to stock these beautiful, sustainable tools.

Made slowly, from driftwood, they are exquisite to work with.

xx Birdie

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