Road trip to the local wool carders - Tally Ho

Today, Isabel, our amazing spinner & Amy, one of my lovely customer-come-friends went on a road trip to Tally Ho, the local wool carders about 45 minutes north of Gore.

Hidden away in an idyllic farm setting, in an unassuming wool shed lives an amazing little hive of industry, where Barb and her team turn out the most amazing product.

It was messy, noisy, dusty and amazing.

Their carder is so old and massive, it must be about 10-15 meters long.

It is a series of rollers with fine spikes to catch the yarn.

The rollers brush the yarn and eventually send it out in a tube at the other end.

This is called roving yarn and is rolled into a bump that is now ready for spinning.

This is Gotland yarn. The same yarn as the jumper I'm wearing.
We were so excited to see it being spun!

And here's the finished bump.

The resident mouse defender, Cat. Yip, her name is Cat :)

Lunch at Roxburgh

Then we headed up the road a little more to Roxburgh, a historic little town in Central Otago for lunch.

But first, we stopped at the Teviot Tea Store. I got a delicious Rooibos tea, which I had a cup of as soon as I got home, and one of their gorgeous spoons.

Then we went on to Feinermans Whole Food Store. Sally, is a lovely customer of mine and I've always wanted to have the time to wander her gorgeous store.

I grabbed a bliss ball mix and my favourite shampoo bar by Simple Naked Soap, they are made in Balclutha using their own goat milk & eggs!

And for lunch, we headed to 103 The Store and we all had their Mushrooms on Sourdough Bread. Holy Moses, it was beautiful.

We had such a great day.

I've been feeling a bit blah lately so it was just what I needed.

To get out in the fresh air and immerse myself in fibre with some lovely company.

Hope you find a chance to do what energises you.

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