The Makers Story

The Makers Story // Issue 3

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The Maker's Story is a community of creatives from across the globe.

Inside Issue Three, we journey to New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and the UK to learn the stories people creating wonderful things.

Here, you can hear the messages and stories behind their creations, discover why they started and what they've learned along the way.

Featured in this issue:

Monique Fedor: A self-described ‘nap-time artist’, Monique grabs those snippets throughout her day of being a busy mum to make time for creativity.

Colleen Southwell: Hundreds of pieces of paper, wire, and countless hours spent drawing, painting and assembling goes into the flora and fauna inspired pieces by Colleen Southwell. Her commitment is to celebrate the beauty in the little things.

Hannie Seegers: Not everyone can say that they learned to knit at the very young age of three, but Hannie can. And it has been part of her life since – even if it meant pulling out the needles during the lunch breaks at her corporate desk job.

Cat Gerke: Cat admired a lot of artwork during her decade working in the interiors industry, but too often it was out of her budget. Now as an artist herself, her mission is to make art accessible for all.

Ka Mo: Bold colours and brushstrokes define this Australian artist’s landscape pieces, often coming to life on the canvas as she paints plein air. Ka Mo shares with us how her love of painting nature came about, and the moments that influence her work most.

Lauren Ward: Creativity took a backseat when the demands of everyday life took the front row in Lauren’s life. Slowly though, she found her way back to what ignites her heart.

Holly-Ann Craig: Carving means Holly can be closer to nature. All crafted by hand, the Wellington local’s woodware pieces each have their own personality and story to tell.

Listen up… Podcasts for makers: Maybe you listen to them on the drive home from school drop-off, as you’re winding down from a busy day, or while you’re making a mess in the studio. Podcasts are the perfect way to learn something new, have a laugh, or just to fill a quiet moment with inspiration. There are plenty of makers and creatives out there hitting ‘record’ on their microphones. Here are a few you might enjoy...

Paulien de Graaff: A lover of nostalgia, nature, and nurture, this Belgian artist has fallen back in love with capturing snapshots of life with graphite.

Healing Ceilings + Claire Rackley: The ceilings of hospitals and medical centres are usually plain white, and unfortunately many patients have no other option but to stare straight up at this emptiness. While a patient during spine and brain surgery, these white ceilings quickly became Claire Rackley’s nemesis. Something needed to change. Claire shares her story...

Kalos Chan: This botanical artist from Wellington, New Zealand shares how she entered the world of freelance straight after graduating, advice for others wanting to do the same, and how she feels about working with both traditional mediums and digital illustration.

Jenna Hutchison: Push past the fear. That’s Jenna’s advice to fellow artists – and it has certainly helped her. From what started as a side project, the Australian artist shares how she found her unique style and has worked with the likes of Adobe and Microsoft.

What it means to be a maker: Anyone can be a maker, and there is certainly no shortage of people around the world exploring the endless possibility that creativity can offer. And with that endless possibility comes an endless amount of reasons that people are drawn to making and creating, along with endless interpretations of what it means to be a ‘maker’. Ten creatives share what it means to them.

Ann Karlholm: Swedish maker Ann Karlholm combines her two creative passions – art and woodwork. She shares how she got started with craft woodworking and where she finds inspiration for her sculptural pieces.

Holly Booth Studio: The creative duo behind Holly Booth Studio work with a global client base of independent designers, makers and shops to create creative and contemporary imagery for their businesses. They share their own story, and what they’ve learned along the way.