Muud // Clean & Care

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Keep your leather bags and accessories looking their best for years by using muud Care & Clean.

muud Care & Clean is a water-based and natural care product that cleans and nourishes the surface of the leather.

When used on a regular basis, muud Care & Clean can help extend the life of your valuable leather items. Is suitable for care and cleaning of leather, suede, nubuck, synthetic skin, nylon mesh and other textile materials, rubber & plastic.

How to use the product:
Spray muud Care & Clean onto a clean sponge and rub to create a foam. Even though neither the sponge nor the foam appears dirty, muud Care & Clean deep cleans the leather and removes dirt and sweat from the skin.

• Cleans and protects the surface in one easy application
• Prolongs the life of the leather
• Suitable for all leather types

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