Why Autumn is my favourite season


The season where the daylight dwindles and forces us to slow down a little. 

The season where mother nature shows how to shed excess and tells us she needs a rest.

The season that's all about change and balance. 

Going slow & being thankful for all that we get. 

It's a great time to reflect, re-evaluate and nurture what serves you. 

For me it's a time where I am my most grateful. 

Grateful for lighter mornings, thanks to daylight savings here in NZ. 

Grateful for any extra sunshine in the afternoons. 

It's a time when the nights are longer giving you more time to slow down a little.

Slow the pace of life. 

Re-evaluate what serves you.

I love to curl up on my couch, feet warmed by last winter's knit blanket with a new slowcraft project on the go to keep me warm this winter. 

This Autumn I'm creating a Stockholm Slipover by PetiteKnit.

While the Walnut yarn is giving me all the pumpkin vibes, it's the style that inspired me for this knit. 

This slipover works as a perfect mid-season layer. 

You can easily wear it all day then slip a jacket overtop as the day cools off without the bulk of a jumper. 

I'm loving the simplicity of the pattern. 

It's knit in stockinette stitch, allowing me to slow down each time I pick up my needles. 

If you'd love to cast this stunning project on next and would like help gathering your supplies, please let me know.

It's a great confidence builder with a few simple techniques like german short rows & picking up stitches that are often used in top down knits.

The pattern has German Short rows written into the shoulders, giving it amazing shape around your neck. 

I've knitted it a fair bit shorter as I like my knits to meet my waistline.

I'll show you what I mean here 👇🏼


The beauty with top down is that you can knit to the length that you prefer. 

Slipovers are great layering pieces for under jackets.


Pair it with a white shirt.

So versatile. 

I love it so much that I'm going to cast on another in a new shade we've got coming, more on that soon. 

Happy Knitting.

Kerryn xx




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