Simple Stripes Blanket | Part 2

Welcome Back!

If you didn’t catch Part One, you can find it here.

Righto, today we are going today we are on to Row 3 then we’ll head to Row 4 and that my friends is all you need to know …. WHAAAAT?! I know!

So at the end of Part One, we finished Row 2 here

Row 2 COMPLETE!! You are doing so well!

Now to start Row 3

Turn your work (remember, flip horizontally) and then chain 2

Now you are going to work 3DC right into that MASSIVE gap down on the previous row. 

Like this ..

Then work your way along the row, working 3DC into each space of the previous row.

Once you’re near the end. Work your last group of 3DC, like this ..

Then work 1DC into, you guessed it, ‘the turning chain of the previous row”, here ..
Make sure you get in under both loops.

Here’s me going into the wee stitch

Don’t get too stressed about this, as long as you only work 1DC into here, as apposed to 2DC like you did on the previous row.

Here’s the completed stitch

Row 3 COMPLETE! Woop!

Row 4

Row 4 is basically Row 2 except you aren’t skipping any stitches.

So turn you blanket and chain 2

Like this ..


Now work 1DC into this space ..


Then continue to work 3DC into each space of the previous row.

You are now free to make your blanket as big as you like.

I’ll be back with Part 3 to show you how I change colours and weave in my ends.

Enjoy your weekend.

x birdie

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