Simple Stripes Blanket Tutorial | Part 3

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Simple Stripes Blanket Tutorial | Part 3

Welcome Back!

When you're ready to change colours, work your DC until you have 2 loops on your hook. Cut you yarn, leaving a tail of about 6cm. 

Grab you new yarn colour and, leaving another 6cm tail, hold it with your previous yarn.

Yarn over and pull your new colour through for your Ch2.

Continue working your rows as usual.


Once you've worked a some of your new colour then it's time to tie off and sew in your ends.

Do a simple double knot.


Then thread your needle with one colour and weave into your blanket.

Pull through and then snip off the excess. 


Check that out ... MAGIC!!

And you'd do the same process when joining a new ball of yarn, except you don't have to wait till you're at the end of a row.

Once you are happy with your finished size there is one final row to go.
So Chain 1 and work a row of HDC into each stitch along.

So that's it my lovelies. Happy hookin!

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