Simple Squares Blanket | Part 2

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Simple Squares Blanket | Part 2

Welcome back my lovelies, if you didn't catch Part 1, you can check it out here

Here's a little bit more crochet porn, should you feel like you are lacking :)

Simple Squares Blanket © Crochet BirdieSimple Squares Blanket © Crochet Birdieby Crochet Birdie © Crochet Birdie

Remember, you can purchase the full pattern here aaaand it also come is a complete kit with the wool I'm using in the images *squeals with joy*!

In this particular blanket I've used the stunning 8ply Pure Merino by Touch Yarns, they are a small New Zealand family business producing some of the most exquisite yarns, go check 'em out.

So you should have one finished lovely looking granny square .. maybe your first?? Maybe not but hopefully its looking amazing!


Now I want you to whip up the next one and we'll run through how I join as I go.

Here's my first finished square.


Work all other squares until your on the last (5th) round.

For the top row of squares, I like to join them all on the last side (or the left side). This keeps all my joins in the same position (bottom left) which is so hand when you need to re-do anything, especially when you've sewn the ends in!!
For squares on all other rows I work to the first corner and then start joining.

Complete the first 3 sides, like so...


Once your at the last corner, complete your first 3DC, Ch1 into the corner

Then instead of working your second chain for the corner you are going to join with a SC - single crochet into the neighbouring squares, corner.

Single Crochet -

Insert hook into stitch or space indicated,

Yarn over, pull a loop back through stitch or space (2 loops on hook),

Yarn over, pull yarn through both loops on hook

For best results, push your hook under the neighbouring square.
This makes your finished blanket sit flatter.


One complete, little single crochet


Now work your 3DC into the corner of your working square and SC into the next space of your neighbouring square.


3DC into the corner of your working square and SC into the next space of your neighbouring square.

Continue this all the way to the corner.


Now that your at the corner, work your 3DC into the corner of your working square.


SC into the corner of your neighbouring square.


Ch1 and then continue around your working square to finish it off.

Ta daaaa ...


Here's a close up of my SC joins.


Now I'm gona join a square on the row below.

Work to the first corner.

3DC into the corner, Ch1 for this side.

Now start joining, SC into the corner of the square above.


Remember to push your hook under the neighbouring square.


It should look like this.


Then work your second group of 3DC into the corner of your working square


Continue working along this top side until you get to the corner.


Work your 3DC into the corner of your working square


SC into the corner of your neighbouring square


Then work your second group of 3DC into the corner of your working square, then continue along the final side to finish this square.


All done.


Now I'm going to show you how to join two sides.

As with the last square, work to your first corner & complete one group of 3DC & ch1


Join into the corner of the neighbouring square above
Remember to insert your hook underneath the neighbouring square

Now cruise along to the corner, joining as you go.


Work your first group of 3DC into the corner of your working square.
We wont be doing any chains in this corner as they'll be used up by two single crochet's into each corner.


Work a SC into the corner of the square above


Then work a SC into the corner of the neighbouring square to the left



Here's how both my sc's look


Now work your second group of 3DC into the corner of your working square and continue joining the next side.


And join up your final corner. 3DC into the corner of your working square, SC into the corner of the neighbouring square, Ch1, 3DC into the corner of your working square.


And continue along this final side to finish.


Ta daaa!!

I'm now going to add a border to this teeny tiny blanket, for demonstration purposes :)


To sttach your yarn, insert your hook anywhere on a side.

I'd normally attach my yarn on the same colour but for this tutorial I'll attach to another colour so you can see what I'm up to.


Holding your yarn at the back (or you could tie it)


Pull your yarn through this space, then Ch1 to lock it in place


Ch1 (for height - does not count as a stitch) 3DC, Ch1 into this same space


Work along your side [3DC, Ch1] into each space - this includes where your squares join

Here's me working a group into my join


Into each corner work [3DC, Ch2, 3DC, Ch1]


Continue around each side till you reach your start point.

To join, slip stitch into your first DC


You should be looking something like this


Round Two of the border is a round of HDC

Attach your Silver yarn by simply pulling a loop through (this does not count as a stitch)


Work your 1st HDC into the same stitch


And work 1HDC into each stitch along, this includes your chain between each group.

For an awesome finish, take some time working the HDCs into the chains between your groups instead of the big space, which is easier but you'll be pleased when you see the result.


(Agggghhh, it looks like I've chopped by thumb off??!!)

20171005_114005  20171005_11401220171003_183932


20171005_114042  20171005_114034.jpg20171005_114108.jpg

In the corners, there are 3 stitches to think about. The stitches to the left and right of the corners will get 1HDC in each and the one in the center will get [1HDC, Ch1, 1HDC], don't stress too much about working it all into the stitch, just pop it in the space.


Here's me working the first corner


Work around all 4 sides and when you get to the end, make sure you work 1HDC into the final stitch, like I have here


Then slip stitch into the first HDC, like so.

Chain 1, for height (this doesn't count as a stitch) and work your first HDC into that same stitch and head along to the first corner, working 1HDC into each stitch as you go


So you'll have 2 stitches in the corner. We are going to pack this bad boy with another corner set, this is how I get my corners nice and pointed, not rounded like lots of other crochet borders.

Work 1HDC into the first stitch
[1HDC, Ch1, 1HDC] into the space
1HDC into the second stitch


Here's my first HDC


And my corner set [1HDC, Ch1, 1HDC]


And my second HDC, you might have to snuggle on in there to find the stitch as the corner set sometimes covers it.


Then head around each side.

Make sure you work your last HDC in the last stitch, its nice a close to the start. Then slip stitch into your first HDC to finish.


Here's my completed little tiny blanket, with some spectacularly sharp corners I might add :)


And here's some close ups for ya.


So I'd love to see your finished projects.

Use the hashtag #crochetbirdie to be featured.

Yarn: Touch Yarns Pure Merino 8ply in the following shades
Natural - 216
Silver - 822
Denim - 805
Duck Egg Blue - 826

Worked on my 4mm Steel Pony Hook

All these goodies can be found at

x birdie











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