Simple Squares Blanket | Part 1

Just to be clear, I have not invented the granny square, its as old as crochet itself.
But I have got a few wee tricks to make your life easier!

In Part 1 I'll be showing you how I do each square then we'll get into joining them and finishing with a super simple border. The simpler the better I reckon

Right, go grab yourself a cuppa, get your kit ready and we'll get started.

Chain 5

Chain - Yarn over, pull yarn through loop on hook

Slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring

Slip Stitch - Insert yarn, pull through both stitch and loop on hook
This creates a really slim join.


Round 1

You are now going to work all the stitches for round 1 into the center of this ring.

Chain 2

Work the following into the ring 3DC, Ch2, 3DC, Ch2, 3DC, Ch2, 3DC, Ch 2
Giving you 4 groups of 3DC and four corners.

Remember an DC goes like this:
Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through one loop.
Yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook


Slip stitch into 1st DC to finish your teeny square.

Ta da...

Round 2

Chain 1, the work 3DC into the same corner
It feels a little backwards but trust me on this one.


Chain 1 and work the following into the next corner [3DC, Ch2, 3DC]

And again into the next corner - Ch1, [3DC, Ch2, 3DC]

Then the same into the next - Ch1, [3DC, Ch2, 3DC]

Then into the last corner (where you started) work, 3DC, Ch2

And slip stitch into the 1st DC you made at the start

Now you have a slightly bigger square, go you!!

Round 3

So we are going to do the same again, this time adding an extra group into the sides

Ch2, 3DC, Ch1 into the same corner
3DC into next chain space
[3DC, Ch2, 3DC, Ch1] into next corner


Repeat this until you get to the start and work, 3DC, Ch2

And slip stitch into the 1st DC you made at the start

Round 4

You are going to do exactly the same now and add an extra group into the side.

Here's what it should look like when you are done.

Round 5

And here is round 5 completed

So you have just completed a 5 round Granny Square .. can I get a WHOOP!!!

Have a wee measure up and see if it measures about 12.5-13cm each way.

Size (or gauge in wool speak) really doesn't matter for a blanket but if you are finding yours is a lot smaller that means your tension is tighter than mine. Going up a hook size or two could help this. And if your tension is a lot looser than mine and your square is bigger you can decrease your hook size.

Make sense?

Love some feedback on what you think of my tutorial.

I'll be comin at ya soon with Part 2 - Joining squares as you go, no more sewing ... WHAAAT!!

Talk soon
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