2017 - Could it be the year for crochet jumpers?

2017 - Could it be the year for crochet jumpers?

So I need your help!

Crochet Birdie is looking at getting into some garments for 2017 winter and I'd love to know your thoughts on what you'd like to see.

I've been trawling Pinterest lately for awesome big, boxy and beautiful jumpers.

Here are some of the images I'm crushing on.
Note - most of these are knitted but I never use patterns anyway so who cares!

Image: Pinterest Image: Pinterest Image: Pinterest Image: Pinterest Image: PinterestImage: Pinterest Image: Pinterest

I'm lining up a delish alpaca mix wool for a jersey. Made in NZ, super light, oh so warm and will be super soft on your skin.

Love to know your thoughts.

x birdie


  • Birdie

    Id love to see that Kath!

  • Kath Horrell

    When I was sixteen I had a three quarter length vest that was crocheted. It was really cool

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