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FREE PATTERN - Handspun Knit Throw

Ooo oo ooooo! 

I am drooling over this heavenly piece of work.

This is a feature piece knitted by me, especially to showcase just how beautiful our range of handspun yarn really is.

It's also quite deceiving with how much you need.

This pattern has 4 skeins, each skein is approximately 200m in length.

I could stare at those skeins all day long.

After a quick bit of knitting to get a gauge swatch I set up my 6.00mm Lykke Interchangeable tips and my 100cm cord and started knitting.

I love its rule-breaking randomness. You could have the neatest cast on ever, but it doesn't care! Due to the nature of handspun, it has its own personality and won't be told.

I have featured a garter stitch border, stocking stitch and a few rows of garter stitch, placed randomly to remind you that not everything has to be perfect and symmetrical. 


Yarn: 4 skeins of Handspun Gotland Yarn

Needles: 6.00mm Lykke Interchangeable Tips & 100cm Cord

Darning Needle



Garter Stitch - Knit every row

Stocking Stitch - Knit one row, purl next row


14sts x 20 rows = 10cm


90cm wide x 120cm long


Garter Stitch sections:
Knit every row

Stocking Stitch sections:
Row 1 (Right Side) - Knit all stitches
Row 2 (Wrong Side) - Knit 14, Purl to last 14 stitches, Knit 14

Cast on 126 stitches

Garter Stitch - 22 rows or 8cm 

Stocking Stitch - 28 rows or 14cm

Garter Stitch - 6 rows or 2.5cm

Stocking Stitch - 40 rows or 20cm

Garter Stitch - 10 rows or 4.5cm

Stocking Stitch - 94 rows or 47cm

Garter Stitch - 60 rows or 24cm


I thoroughly enjoyed working with this yarn. It is super soft, incredibly warm and will stand the test of time and family with its hardwearing properties and natural colour.

When you cast yours on make sure you tag us in the usual places or feel free to pop a pic up in our group.

xx birdie